In the seemingly ordinary and quiet neighborhood of  Montclair, Virginia on August 26, 1998, what best  can be described  as an awesome miracle occurred. This miracle came in the form of an unusual design that mysteriously appeared, from out of nowhere, within a 9´ x 15´ muslin cloth and embedded biblical images within the fibers of that cloth. These images could only be seen when the cloth was backlit. Without the back light, the images remained hidden within the cloth and the cloth remained black on both sides. The Miraculous Biblical Painting,Modern Day Miracle,Bible, Unexplained,Second Coming

The life-sized main image, situated directly in the middle of this muslin, was approximately 5´ tall by 2¾´ wide. It first appeared as an old bearded, winged white horse charging toward the viewer, as if in motion. This beautiful white horse was accompanied by three silhouetted black angels and one white angel-like image, carried upon the white horse’s head. The white angel-like image wielded a cross-shaped sword, which proceeded from the angel’s head section and continued downward, dividing the horse’s head into two halves. A small owl was perched on a branch on the right side of the horse’s right wing. The “lake of fire” was directly below the main image. (A good representation of the “lake of fire” is not fully accessible in these photos.)   These images parallel the passages from the Book of Revelation 19:11 - 20:3.

Revelation 19:11 - 20:3 states that Jesus is coming on the back of  a white horse with a sword extending out of his mouth along with his army of warring angels.  The fowl will wait for the great supper that will consist of the flesh of mighty men and horses. Then according to the scripture, Jesus will slay Satan and place him into the lake of fire for 1000 years, inaugurating Christ’s millennial reign on earth. Then everything will be renewed. The images in this cloth clearly parallel this passage. All of the elements in these verses are present in this muslin cloth. Also, all of these images appear in their appropriate place to parallel these verses.Rev. 19,Rev. 20,Book of Revelation,miraculous,white winged horse,Apocalypse,Virgin Mary,angels,mysteries,Book of Revelation,apparitions,Jesus,UFO

After the image was photographed on a Polaroid, another extraordinary dimension of this main image was revealed.  When that same white horse image was reversed, the image  resembled a robed, faceless, crowned woman with light directly over her head. She appeared as the Virgin Mary, Jesus’ mother. She emerged  from the total blackness. Even more, the entire image resembled a giant serpent’s head. The two oblong eyes were  located on the extreme left and right sides of the main image, about halfway between the top and the bottom of the design. The serpent’s mouth was open and situated at the bottom of the main image. The snake’s tongue was spitting outwardly. (The serpent’s head was seen within the white horse.)

The most recent extraordinary image was found when I returned to Massachusetts in 2002.  Outside of the main image was a long-haired angel with three halos above her head. Her wing was wrapped around her. Within her halo was an image of a robed man riding on a white donkey. His right hand was extended in a waving posture. The entire image was approximately 1½” tall and was found only because of magnification while using the computer.

This image became important after I had visited the town library of  Plymouth, MA.   While there, I came across the book, a handbook of SYMBOLS IN CHRISTIAN ART by Gertrude Grace Sill. In this book,  I found  a  statue  that was  identical  to  the image found  in the muslin cloth  located   in the  angel’s halo. This statue was created in the 15th century and was taken from the painting ENTRY INTO JERUSALEM. This painting commemorates Palm Sunday.  

The  white  that  is  seen  in  these  images  is  not  white  paint. The white is the sunlight that has illuminated the fabric, streaming through the fibers from the back. The painting is of  light itself. It is the light that brings this painting to life. This cloth was painted in such a way that the painting cannot be copied or duplicated. It is a ‘one-of-a-kind’ cloth.

At the period in my life before the painting came, my entire life seemed to be blocked. I  had taken my photography to a new dimension; yet I found few clients to support my new-found skills. I had learned to successfully create designer photographic settings and masterfully oil paint my colored photographs. I had also learned to arrange beautiful floral designs. I needed money desperately in order to survive.Coming Out of the Dark,sword,supernatural,paranormal,miracle cloth,prophecies,Satan,Margaret Wendt

Then, from out of nowhere came this overwhelming urgency to create a photograph  from a greeting card that I had found 6 years ago when I first returned to Virginia  after my divorce. At that time, I did not have the skills to execute this task. But now I would attempt it. This greeting card was a painting from the 1600's. It was of a little girl, in a white dress coming out of the darkness.  I would re-create the painting into a photograph and  entitle my photograph, Coming Out Of The Dark. I felt that this photograph represented me coming out of my darkness, and into the light of knowledge and into my own talent. I was learning to paint and do wonderful things. Therefore, I asked Jesus to send me a huge miracle.  I was only hoping for clients. Instead, he sent me this humongous miracle which I was compelled to share with the world.

My story is not about religion.  I am not here to convert anyone. This cloth and its message are  about passages from the Bible, Revelation  19:11 - 20:3 and the connection between an ordinary woman and Jesus Christ. How this message is perceived  is entirely up to the reader.T.D.Jakes, Athalyn Rose,supernatural,paranormal,miracle,miracles,miracle,UFO

The images found within this cloth were created through pure genius. By my own admission, I am not capable of such genius. What human could paint a passage from the Bible in a serpent’s head and it appear as a white horse at the same time; then reverse the image and create a robed woman? What human could paint images between the minute threads of a muslin fabric leaving both sides of the cloth black and revealing the images only through the cloth being backlit? Certainly, not me! I take no credit for this. I only painted the muslin fabric, as I thought, solid black with a little yellow path from which the model would emerge. I am not the artist; I am only the messenger. The images painted within this cloth are not from this world.

This cloth is very tangible. I possess it. It is available for all to see. alien,blue lights,abductions,religi

                                     Coming Out of the Dark 

                                                    The Miraculous Biblical Painting

                                                                By Athalyn J. Rose

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