The   Eye on Inspiration Jewelry Collection was created because of a mysterious eye that appeared within the fibers of a black muslin cloth. Mysterious, unexplained, captivating, painted by an unseen hand, this eye apparition appeared and painted itself between the fibers of a muslin cloth in August of 1998 in Montclair VA. Only when the image was backlit would this mysterious eye be revealed because only light could bring this image to life. Otherwise, the eye remained hidden within the darkness of the cloth. Because of the extraordinary eye image, The Eye on Inspiration Jewelry Collection was born bringing you one of the most unique jewelry collections.

Wear it for protection, love, joy, peace, and wealth. Expect many compliments on this one-of-a kind and unique piece of handcrafted jewelry. Smile, knowing that you are in direct contact with the higher being. Read the story on this HOME page.   Please visit my Etsy shop at:  You can find this unique and uncommon jewelry nowhere else in the world because I have the only eye!