The Story

In August of 1998 in Montclair, VA, an awesome miracle occurred which brought with it the ancient message from the Bible. Biblical mages strangely manifested themselves  within the threads of this 9ft x 15ft muslin  cloth. The life-sized main image, situated directly in the middle of this muslin, was approximately 5ft tall by 2¾ ft wide. It first appeared as an old bearded, winged white horse charging toward the viewer, as if in motion. This beautiful white horse was accompanied by three silhouetted black angels and one white angel-like image, carried upon the white horse’s head. The white angel-like image wielded a cross-shaped sword, which proceeded from the angel’s head section and continued downward, dividing the horse’s head into two halves. A small owl was perched on a branch on the right side of the horse’s right wing. The “lake of fire” was directly below the main image. (A good representation of the “lake of fire” is not fully accessible in these photos.) These images parallel  Revelation 19:11 – 20:3.       

This unusual painting was not painted on either side of this gigantic cloth. The images were deeply embedded within the fibers of this cloth and  could only be seen if the cloth were backlit. Otherwise, the cloth remained black on both sides.   

 Revelation 19:11 - 20:3 states that Jesus is coming on the back of a white horse with a sword extending out of his mouth along with his army of warring angels. The fowl will wait for the great supper that will consist of the flesh of mighty men and horses. Then, according to the scripture, Jesus will slay Satan and place him into the lake of fire for 1000 years, inaugurating Christ’s millennial reign on earth. Then everything will be renewed. The images in this cloth clearly parallel this passage. All of the elements in these verses are present in this muslin cloth. Also, all of these images appear in their appropriate place to parallel these verses.

After the image was photographed on a Polaroid, another extraordinary dimension of this main image was revealed. When that same white horse image was reversed, the image resembled a robed, faceless, crowned woman with light directly over her head. She appeared as the Virgin Mary, Jesus’ mother. She emerged from the total blackness. Even more, the entire image resembled a giant serpent’s head. The two oblong eyes were located on the extreme left and right sides of the main image, about halfway between the top and the bottom of the design. The serpent’s mouth was open and situated at the bottom of the main image. The snake’s tongue was spitting outwardly. (The serpent’s head was seen within the white horse image.) Other images also flank this main image.

My story is not about me or any specific religion. This cloth is about the direct  message  that has been sent to the world  through passages from the Bible; Revelation 19:11 - 20:3.  How this message is perceived is entirely up to the reader.


Another very important image also appeared in August 1998, but it was never found again until 14 years later. It was an eye. In early 2012, my daughter found the eye once again.  

The eye faintly appears as a watermark. It is situated at the very top of the cloth in the left hand corner. This  very strong masculine eye  stares straight at the viewer. It is approximately 12" long by 8" wide.

According to Webster Dictionary a watermark is defined as the following - A translucent design impressed on paper during manufacture and visible when the finished paper is held to the light. This eye is the watermark of this cloth. It is faintly embedded within the cloth and can only be seen when it is backlit or held up to the light.


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